I’ve been a diviner since I was a kid.

1990 was a big year for me and for my spiritual development.

I remember the time I spent just walking to the store and holding the deck I wanted to buy for weeks until I had saved up enough to buy it.


It was Stuart Kaplans Classic Tarot.


I found answers to the way humans worked by following the flowered vines and simple faces, the body language and imagery.


As time passed I studied more, read a bit, put my eyes and hands on every deck I could.


I let the art of thousands of tarot artists inform the encyclopedia of knowledge I carry around in this brain of mine.


The art lends itself to the learning. I’ve had so many teachers.


The cards tell you their story.


The Fool is not always the one leading the way.


I read cards from the perspective of a learner, a human, an animist.


I understand the archetypes found in tarot, I know their stories and their ways.


And, I’m not afraid to challenge those archetypes, to shift their perspective.


Some of the ways I read include making maps together. This is where we look at where you’re at, what’s bumping up against the things going on, and then we find the way through. Together.


I can do shorter sessions, and longer ‘million-question’ sessions.


We can do a year ahead reading (at any point, really, what even is time?).


 I also teach classes, and help folks birth their divination deck or book. My clients have called me their deck midwife. You can find more information here