Hey, hello, welcome.


I’m Amanda and I’d like to invite you to discover-play-experience the feral wonder of your own soul. I am  here to help you see your own worthiness, your own possibilities, your own wild heart. 


A handful of years ago I found my favorite definition of the word Feral:


 “Having escaped from domestication and become wild”

I’ve  escaped domestication, the idea that I  must become what society – old thoughts – humans expected of me and return to my own wonder-wild ways. To return to the being that explored life in bare feet with a song filled soul, to be like the dandelions and bees.


Come with me. Let’s explore with each other, be the nature we already are.

What can we do together?

We can divine a way forward, a way through, find the patterns of your life, and get the answers that help you.

We can do Soul Restoration. Reconnect to the singular and exquisite shining core of you. 

We can do more, together, to build your project, open the roads to what’s needed, to build the tools to sort your shadows.

We can tend to the wild worthiness in that soul of yours, building and working with tools for healing in this world. 

We can learn together in classes that reach deep into the sacred play of the human and divinatory experience. 


I’m so glad you’re here.