Never broken, never ruined, never damaged, never diminished, never lost.

Whole. Holy. Feral.

We live in a world where soul eclipsing happens on such a large scale that we think it’s all normal.

Big trauma, little trauma, feeling lost or left behind, forgetting who we are, the way our hurts feel heavy, feeling invisible, the dumpster fire of it all. The things that get in-between You and your Soul.

We begin to think and feel and believe that the Things are really who we are.

That isn’t true.

And, I know what it is to believe that “I am the result of my trauma.” It’s difficult to shake off sometimes.

It just isn’t the truth of YOU.


Our souls are the core of who we really are.


Our souls carry the inherent beauty and strength inside of us.


Our souls carry the wild freedom and sovereign joy of being human.



Soul restoration builds a bridge, a reconnection, to your soul.
A talisman to move through, over, above the soul eclipsing.

Soul Restoration is a return to joy.


Soul restoration has been in this world for as long as there have been people here.

It is rooted in every indigenous practice around the world.

This specific practice of, and this language of,  Soul Restoration does not come from indigenous practices. Soul Restoration, in this form, has been built and developed by my teacher, Fabeku Fatunmise, for over twenty five years. His life and his practices are shaped by his extensive training and initiation into an indigenous West African tradition. This practice is not rooted in that tradition. Soul Restoration is rooted in deep animist practices and talismanic work. It is a fluid, living body of work tended to by my teacher, and now by those of us in this lineage.


If this is for you:

This work can be done from anywhere. We don’t have to meet in person.

My methods for meeting are either a zoom meeting or bridgeline call (best if you prefer verbal communication) or email (best if you prefer written communication).

We’ll need to meet for an extended (30 minute) session one time. During that session I will ask you about why you want restoration, as well as some general questions (challenges you are facing right now, allergies, modifications that may be necessary).
We will also discuss how restoration works and what accessibility modifications may be required. We’ll talk more about our next steps, and what to expect. The most effective talisman + medicines for your restoration is confirmed through divination.

 Soul Restoration with me is $400, $600, and $750.
$400 – This price is for folks whose financial accessibility does not always allow them to meet all of their basic needs without stress, with no time for rest or vacation.
$600 – This price is for folks whose financial accessibility allows them to meet all of their basic needs, with annual or bi-annual time for rest or vacation.
$750 – This price if for folks whose financial accessibility allows them to meet all of their basic needs, plus additional time for rest or vacation as desired or needed.

The price is based on the Green Bottle Pricing. Inspired by a lineage mate, Alana Sheeren, I’ve opted to work with this pricing method to create a more equitable pricing structure that still honors my skill, my time, and most importantly the work of Soul Restoration itself.

And, no one will ever be turned away or treated differently because your access to financial resources has been impacted by the systemic failure of capitalism, racism, colonialism, etc. If your financial accessibility limits your access to food, to clothing, to healthcare, and this work feels supportive to you, please email me.
We’ll be human together and find a way.

Please email me if this work is for you and you need help. I have restorations available for folks with different financial accessibility needs.

My email is:

Soul restoration is adjunct spiritual support and cannot + should not be a replacement for medical care of any kind.